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From the ashes of hopelessness, despair, and betrayal,

we offer our story as a means to start a broader conversation regarding AUTHENTIC LIVING, LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS, MARRIAGE RESTORATION, MARRIAGE HEALTH, and OVERCOMING ADVERSITY amidst a world longing

for the truth that vulnerability and honesty can bring.



My experience with working with Teri Craft has honestly

been more than I hoped for

or imagined!
The way God has used the combination of the excellent material, Teri’s amazing leadership, and her authentic  support has helped me to feel that I am not alone. She has made this painful journey feel like an incredible gift! 


I reached out to James Craft when I had come to the end of myslef. Through his leadership and experience, James provided a healing environment for me to discover the real me.  Not many people have been able to help me navigate the pain and trauma of my past, and James has provided me the place to be real, find the healing I've been longing for and become the husband and father my family needs.

S & B

When we first started this journey of marriage resoration after many years of difficulty, just hearing the voices of a couple who have lived through this journey-and their marriage survived, was incredible hope to us! 

We call James and Teri  our "along-siders," because they have very diligently and lovingly been with us through all the highs and lows.