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Life Unplugged

The Life Unplugged story began with James and Teri Craft along with a group of individuals and couples who were personally impacted by a journey of marriage restoration and recovery. What they discovered was the compelling truth that as they walked alongside others who were in need of enrichment and recovery, marriages and family systems grew stronger and more resilient.


The story spread and as more marriages and families who were in need of environments of awareness, growth and healing multiplied, Life Unplugged was established to meet the need. What started as a discussion grew into a movement to provide a healing challenge to a hurting world. If you are in need of enrichment, recovery, or healing, the trained and certified team at Life Unplugged is here to partner with you…right where you are.

Discover the Difference

A proven process that works…

There are many options for individuals and couples to choose from nowadays, but what sets the Life Unplugged approach apart is what we call, “the alongsider factor.” Simply put, when you dive into online sessions for enrichment or recovery with our certified coaches or participate in one of our Marriage Unplugged Intensives, Women’s Wellness Retreats, or Men’s Summit Intensives, you will have a trained coach to walk “alongside” you every step of the way.

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